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Computer training has played an important role in leveling the playing field when it comes to knowledge management and skills transfer. Typically training was conducted in-person in a classroom led my some expert. However with advances in computing and the proliferation of computing devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, ultrabooks and others, people can now have instant access to know and training. While I wish every company or school on the planet provided computer-based training, I am aware that technology adoption can be painfully slow in many countries and even in many communities.

Computers have taken over our workplaces. A great deal of training tracking is now done on computers. As such, corporate training needs to have the right software to do training tracking. Corporate training tracking may uses a different training software than say small business training.

Finding the right corporate training software can be a challenge. It is important to keep your training tracking goals in mind when looking for the right software solution. Training tracking can be done quickly and easily with a learning management system.

What is a learning management system? Well, to begin, a learning management system allows businesses to deploy, design and manage learning. A good learning management system also enables users to track training in an efficient way.

Finding the right learning management system can train your corporate learning. With the right training platform, you can start to track training and develop better corporate learning. Web-based training software is often easiest because it doesn’t require any downloads. Depending on your workforce, this may be an easier option.

What are some of the advantages of computer-based training systems? Well you can ...

* Create e-learning courses– No technical expertise needed! Simply upload your course content or create new content on the fly. Use easy to follow course layout guide. Then select recipients or employees and assign ... it's that easy!
* See Who Responds – Track your success in real time. See who opens, clicks, completes courses and assignments, measure ROI and more...
* Grow Your Business– Our eCommerce option enables you to easily market your e-learning courses to a world wide audience.
* Save Money – With flexible pricing to fit any budget, you choose the payment method that works best for you. Pay as you go, or get annual discount rates of up to 10% off.

You can create a free computer training system account, or get top reviews of learning management systems.

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